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Exhibition/Space Sound Installation

Ethnological Museum, Permanent Exhibition

November 2016, Prishtina

“The architecture of the eye detaches and controls, whereas haptic architecture engages and unites”. Juhani Pallasma


Inspired from Juhani Pallasmaa's writings on Haptic Architecture, this sound installation aims to interpret not only the stories but also the architectural and spatial attributes of the building itself, using sound as the main medium. Beyond historic texts and narrative story of the guide, visitors will experience the building and its history through sound imitation, background noise, human voices, traditional music etc. In other words, everything that would most closely recreate the feeling of the original state of the space in the beginning.

HAPTIC SPACE was created by Anyla Berisha and Visar Kuçi, supported by Heritage Space - a new experimental platform, launched by CHwB Kosovo dedicated to young creators to develop their creative ideas for preserving and promoting cultural heritage. This platform is designed to enable creative individuals to explore, test and / or start new ideas, having the opportunity that those ideas become reality.

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