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Workshop/Sound Installation

Tirana Design Week, "The Cloud" Pavilion, Sou Fujimoto, Tirana Albania

September 2017, Tirana

"I experience myself in the city, and the city exists through my embodied experience. The city and my body supplement and define each other. I dwell in the city and the city dwells in me."  Juhani Pallasmaa


We pass by the cloud of Sou Fujimoto every day, sit and observe as it merges with the surrounding. Now we want to bring a part of the city identity in its most original state through the sounds of everyday experience or pieces of memories scattered from the past. This way, the Cloud gains even more authentic features of Tirana. 
This is the final product of the one-week workshop “Sonique Illlusion” part of Tirana Design Week 2017 “Inclusive Architecture”. During this week we tried to capture the very core stories and sounds that reflect the real spirit of Tirana through the pattern of the live sound recordings, interviews, and memories shared by the students of Architecture from POLIS University. 

This project aims to challenge the formal and physical boundaries of the physical space and architecture as we know it. We will try to figuratively dismantle the existing structure and its space out of its peculiarities and replace with different attributes that do not suit our perception and idea of this particular space/structure. The goal of this “play” is to show the important place that sounds has on out perception toward space and architecture which in a reversed process can be used in the design process. Under the theme of “Inclusive Architecture” this project broadens the architectural and spatial experience to a multidisciplinary approach intertwining the medium of sound and acoustic.

WORKSHOP LEADERS : Anyla Berisha, assisted by Keti Hoxha

PARTICIPANTS (students of 2nd year Architecture from POLIS University) : Adelaida Marku, Alesia Ismalaja, Anamaria Gjoshi, Arbri Lickollari, Artjola Prengaj, Aurora Cepele, Bertila Cekrezi, Besnik Peca, Buljana Marra, Danja Salillari, Diamant Shehu, Doriana Sherri, Edona Zoraqi, Egio Beshi, Eni Gjoka, Enkeleda Lika, Ensixhei Xhafaj, Erli Mucollari, Fatmir Ismaili, Flavjo Cyci, Fllad Sejdini, Gerald Thoma, Ilda Goci, Iris Hoxhallari, Kevi Xhyra, Klea Mulleti, Kostandino Pirko, Laura Bushi, Lindja Bregaj, Mareda Pinari, Melissa Dervishi, Miknela Gjinaj, Miri Ismaili, Nicola Verdho, Raxhino Bicaku, Rebeka Cenolli, Riada Mema, Rixhers Dengo, Roland Dyrma, Rudiks Deliallisi, Sara Elmazi, Teuta Daxha, Xhesjan Cela, Zelma Dibra



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