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ABOUT sonique perception

One might say an artwork cannot be understood, but it can be heard. In this spirit this Audio Tour Guide uses music in it's broadest sense as an additional tool to experience the exhibition. It is an attempt to escape the boundaries of conventional art education and to explore the full potential of bringing together musicians and visual artists.

The spoken factual information usually provided by audio guides is exchanged with musical interpretations – composed only for this purpose – applying music as an universal language to approach the visual object from a different angle. Instead of channeling the visitor's perspective with a set of data tailored to the specific artwork, the intention now is to appeal to one's perception on an emotional level. It is an offer to the visitor, an impulse to increase the intensity of everyone's individual experience throughout the exhibition.


Meet the team

Anyla Berisha

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Anyla is an experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the field of architecture and building industry, cultural heritage and the adaption of green and sustainable design. She is especially interested in the benefits of Smart Energy Grid based on blockchain technology and innovative solutions toward a transparent, innovative and sustainable future.


Anyla has worked as a tutor, speaker and workshop leader who loves to inspire the young generation of students. On free time she loves to jamm and experiment with music or come up with artsy ideas. She is very into VR, AR and (good) sound installations and in her practice basically obsessed with sound/space experiences.


She co-founded INNOU Media GmbH and is currently writing her PhD dissertation on blockchain energy at Faculty of Architecture Sciences at TU Wien.


Stefanie Fridrik

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Stefanie is a cultural educator and free curator who is interested in questions concerning the mediation of art as a critical practice. She has worked as an educator at Leopold Museum and Wake Forest University (Vienna program). As a member of the Denkfabrik (2014) she further took part in developing educational formats at Kunsthalle Wien.

Stefanie studied art history (MA) and comparative literature (BA) at Universität Innsbruck and Universität Wien. In her research she focuses on the field of critical museology, critical pedagogy and postcolonial theory. Her work has been published at Medienimpulse magazine.


Besides her research, Stefanie has participated in several self-organized exhibitons, being mostly responsible for curation and text, and co-founed the off-space gallery project Kugelschreiberfabrik in 2016.

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